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Shaden Fakih promotes women’s rights through comedy


L’Orient Le Jour spotlighted today the career path of graphic designer and comedian Shaden Fakih who uses the stage to promote women’s rights and freedom of expression. Despite her passion for acting, Fakih said she studied graphic design at the Lebanese American University (LAU) before casting in plays performed at the university theatre. Fakih said after receiving recognition for her acting, she now divides her time between her job at GWT advertising agency and the plays she publishes on social media networks. The topics she chooses focus on the following areas: the societal role of women who are still denied their fundamental rights; parent-child relationships, as well as taboo issues, like sexual relations and LGBTQ rights. Fakih described comedy as the perfect vehicle for delivering humanitarian messages, stating that she takes on the smooth and easy way far from vulgar profanity, particularly in subjects related to women’s rights, marriage and violence against women. (L’Orient Le Jour, January 11, 2018)

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