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The situation of midwives and the creation of a trade union under study by Parliament || Newspapers (Arabic)


The Parliamentary Committee for administration and justice, headed by MP Robert Ghanem discussed a law proposal for the creation of a special trade union for professional midwives.  Ghanem indicated that midwives need to have proper training and certification and the creation of trade union will allow a proper monitoring and control of the profession.
Gnaem noted that the number of midwives is decreasing.  He also added that a midwife certificate is obtained after two years of training following the Baccalaureate level whereas old traditional midwives are now very rare and that 95% of current midwives have a formal certificate.  Ghanem concluded that the discussion within the committee will be resumed after reviewing the new law proposal in the light.

Original news in Arabic: Annahar - Almustaqbal

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