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Southern farmers for the construction of irrigation dams


During his tour on December 29 to the Litani River in Qassmiyeh, Tyre, the head of South Lebanon Farmers, Mohamad Husseini, demanded the government to build dams for harvesting rainwater to prevent it from being drained into the sea. Unfortunately, Lebanon, the country of natural springs which fills the rivers and groundwater during the winter season, does not value or profit from this blessing, Husseini lamented. He repeatedly pressed for the creation of dams in the Southern area of Kfarsir area based on studies which revealed a need for irrigating irrigation the plantations and orchards in the Litani’s Lower Basin. Husseini appealed to all concerned parties to support the National Authority of the Litani River in reducing the damage due to industrial waste products discharged into the river by nearby factories, as well as, removing the encroachments on the irrigation project canal in the coastal area. Husseini also revealed all kinds of river pollutants in the wintertime caused by random landfills in the valleys, namely in the region sitting on the banks of the Litani, from West Beqaa up to the mouth of the river in Qassmiyeh, in the South. (Al Diyar, December 30, 2018)

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