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Statue of Goddess Ishtar mutilated in Syria


On November 12, Al Akhbar daily drew attention to the influence of Nusra terrorist organization which seems to have reached universities of Damascus, specially art schools. In this respect, the newspaper said, young fine artists have been forced to adjust and modify a statue of the Goddess Ishtar on one of the trees next to Damascus University amphitheater during the ‘Under the Skies of Damascus’ festival. In the details, Al Akhbar wrote, that several extremists attacked the art piece for its alleged promotion of pornography, demanding its immediate removal. Following the threat, Radwan Bassit (a student of the school of applied arts), who created the piece, forcibly reworked the naked part, thus disfiguring the whole statue! On the subject, Al Akbar spoke to Mowafaq Makhul, a fine artist who runs a section of the festival. Makhoul described what happened as a misperception of the history of Syria by confusing it with seduction outside the context of art. Very few were appalled by the original statue, yet they managed to enforce their point of view, said Makhul. We cannot confront them, because many others before them have objected to road signs for being forbidden (haram), stated Makhul, adding, “When we ignored their voices, they demolished art under cover of darkness.” (Al Akhbar, November 12, 2019)

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