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Strong criticism of awareness film on rape in Lebanon; first marathon on VAW in Egypt


In an article published in Al Akhbar newspaper on Friday, anthropologist Hiba Morkos criticized the awareness film produced by ABAAD on rape and violence against women (c.f: The film, Morkos noted, has been released without the slightest regard to the sense of professionalism and responsibility, pointing to the two main rules of respecting the victim which the film missed. These are, a warning at the beginning of the video that shows the content of the scenes focused on sexual assault, and an early warning that the video scenes are not real but played by an actress. ABAAD, Morkos went on to say, has sought thrill and ignored values, encroaching upon our fragile psychological state which we struggle to keep in balance, as she put it. Morkos explained that ABAAD’s campaign video has faded at the first marathon, where the organization hailed the courage of rape victims who do not run away from their rapists but confront them, saying this form of confrontation endangers the lives of victims (for more on the article in Arabic, click on the following link: On the other hand, in collaboration with UNFPA, Cairo Runners and the Ministry of Sports and Youth, the National Council for Women in Egypt organized on Friday the first official women marathon in Heliopolis district of Cairo. The marathon wanted to tell the world and the Egyptian society that they should work to eliminate all forms of violence against women. (Al Akhbar, Al Mustaqbal, November 30, December 1, 2018)

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