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Sudanese woman faces legal woes over defending women’s rights


Sudanese journalist and women rights activist, Wini Omar, said she will not stop campaigning for African women’s rights despite growing legal woes aimed to silence her. Omar, 30, could face charges of prostitution, undermining constitutional order, espionage and conspiracy. In the details, the police raided last February an apartment where Omar, another woman and two men were meeting and accused her of prostitution. Despite her protests, police officers confiscated her laptop and detained her for 5 days. When her trial began on July 24, the investigator told her she could face additional charges, including spying against the State, a crime punishable by death penalty according to the Sudanese Penal Code. “The purpose of regulations like the public order law is to harass activists fighting for human rights and to terrify citizens,” Omar, who was previously accused but later dismissed for dressing inappropriately while waiting for a bus, said. (Al Hayat, August 9, 2018)

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