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Suspect of wife killer used her post for smuggling


Following interrogation with the suspect in the murder of his wife, customs officer, Rana Beaino, (, the Beaino family’s attorney, Imad Rahal, told Al Akhbar daily that five forensic pathologists who examined the body at different stages, agreed that the victim’s fall from a car travelling at 30 kph could not cause all the injuries and marks found on Rana’s body. The case, Rahal noted, is still in the hands of the first investigative judge in Baabda, Ziad Makana. Meanwhile, the newspaper quoted informed sources as saying that the victim warned a relative that her life was at stake after her confiscation of a shipment of laptops and electronic devices sent from one of her husband’s relatives abroad. According to the same sources, the husband used his wife’s position in the Customs to arrange for the illicit entry of goods in coordination with relatives living outside the country. One of them, Al Akhbar mentioned, offered large cash amounts to the victim’s family to relinquish the case for fear of further investigations. (Al Akhbar, September 6, 2019)

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