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Suspension of sentence against a mother in custody case


The Criminal Court of the North decided to suspend the execution of a sentence of a mother on charges of taking away the custody of her eldest son from his father, Lebanon 24 reported on September 6. In the details, the plaintiff, Lebanese Army officer, is a father of a boy, 7 years and a girl, 2 years, from his wife, the defendant. Because of marital disputes, the Jaafari Court in Tripoli ruled to keep the boy’s custody with his father and the girl with her mother until she is seven. Four months after the court’s decision, and during her visitation of her son, the mother managed to leave the country through the Syrian borders taking her two kids with passports she obtained based on fake travel permission requests. According to the verdict, the mother remained in hiding for four years before she was detained (for 20 days) and referred to the criminal court in the North and later released. She reportedly denied the charges against her, pointing out that her husband forced her to sign the papers. The husband for his part, dropped his personal claim against his wife who refused to attend the closing hearing and was sentenced in absentia to a six-month imprisonment and the suspension of the execution of the sentence. The arrest warrant was retrieved but with no executive nature and she was fined with LBP 500,000. (Lebanon 24, Al Diyar, September 6, 2019)

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