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Switzerland criminalises public homophobia


In a referendum on February 9, Swiss electorates agreed to penalize public homophobia with 63% votes in favor, noting that the current Penal Code criminalizes discrimination based on race, ethnicity and religion. But as of now, the amended antidiscrimination law will criminalize discrimination based on sexual orientation penalizing discrimination against LGBTQs. Recalling, that a minor Christian conservative group, the Federal Democratic Union, has managed to gather enough signatures to hold a national referendum in order to repeal the draft criminalizing discrimination based on sexual orientation but has failed to do so as indicated by the outcomes of the latest vote. Opponents to the amendment allege that LGBTQs do not need special legal protection, and claim that current legislations are enough to deter defamation, verbal abuse and other forms of violence. (Al Diyar, February 11, 2020)

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