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Syndicate of Restaurant Owners: A new council of women and youth


The Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Night Clubs & Pastries in Lebanon announced on March 13 the re-election of Toni Rami as president, Khaled Nazha as vice president, Maya Bekhazi as secretary and Aref Saadeh as treasurer. This comes after the complementary elections held under the supervision of the labor ministry to select 8 members for the board, and they are: Shirine Salha, Siham Tueini, Sharif Dumit, Donald Batal, Youssef Akiki, Mustafa Samad, Makram Rbeiz and Jad Abu Jawdeh. In his address on the occasion, Rami welcomed the female members who joined the Syndicate, pointing out that they are leaders who left a mark in the sector. The new board, he maintained, is invigorated with a youth spirit and diverse expertise and talents. Rami also said that, in the wake of the formation of the government, the syndicate will continue to follow up legislative efforts to adapt tourism-related decrees and laws to the end of advancement of the industry, particularly, the restaurant sector. He called on every member to work to ease or remove obstacles that block the development of the sector which is dubbed as number one provider for tourism in the country. (Al Diyar, March 14, 2019)

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