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Syria to provide facilities for Lebanese exporters


President Michel Aoun yesterday received the Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Abdel Kareem, to discuss bi-lateral relations and the latest regional developments. Abdel Kareem disclosed after the meeting that talks centered on the importance of integration between the two neighboring states, stressing that the economic connection between both countries is one by virtue of geography and brotherly relations. He said the economic turmoil in Lebanon concerns Syria, especially that the latter is the bridge that connects Lebanon to the Arab Gulf and Iraq. This, the ambassador said, prompts a smooth access of the Lebanese products in order to boost national economy. On the other hand, a number of Beqaa farmers complained about recurrent smuggling of Syrian agricultural goods into the Lebanese markets, particularly the farmers’ market in Qob Elias, with tons of Syrian tomato, cabbage, cauliflower and potato flooding local markets. Protestors threatened to block roads and close down the farmers’ markets to protect their livelihoods. (Al Diyar, October, 13, 15, 2020)

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