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Syria raises age of marriage to 18 years


The Syrian People’s Assembly passed on Tuesday a number of amendments to the Personal Status Law of 1950, raising the age of marriage to 18 years for males and 17 years for females, SANA reported. Under the new changes, the legal guardian can only marry his daughter with her explicit consent. Guardianship has been extended to mothers over their underage children after her husband and the father’s custody of the children was extended to the mother and to the mother’s mother. Amendments approved by the Assembly covered over 60 articles of the above law, as explained by the minister of justice, Hisham Shaar. He pointed out that every spouse should restrict the marriage contract to his/her own terms that do not contradict with the Sharia or law, including the second marriage, travel, work, the bond of marriage and the refusal to live with a co-wife. In conclusion, Shaar said the ratified amendments have realized women’s interests and established the right of the mother to exercise the mandate and purposes of marriage. (An Nahar, February 5, 2019)

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