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Syrian woman defies war and starts her own drawing atelier


In its issue of today, Al Akhbar newspaper spotlighted Dawlat Khalil, graduate of the school of economy, Tishreen University, Syria, who worked at a commercial enterprise in her subject specialty before she made the leap after the war. Khalil, Al Akhbar wrote, decided to quit her job permanently to become an artist and realize herself in painting. In an interview with the newspaper, Khalil said: “I cherished moral gain in exchange for a small financial return.” She taught herself to draw while at the same time started training on sculpture. Khalil spoke about the beginning of her career, boasting: “I tried drawing on a piece of cloth, and I showed to my friends who encouraged me.” Orders for her production increased and she decided to expand the business, she told the reporter. Khalil pointed out that in early 2016, she set up her small venture at her own house with modest supplies and she plans to grow bigger with growing clients and larger purchases. It is quite a challenge in the middle of a war that dubs art a luxury, she said. To close, Khalil said that, currently, she paints on ceramic, designs and paints murals on walls of restaurants and shops. She also paints on fabric as part of the fashion design, as well as on wallets. (Al Akhbar, February 21, 2020)

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