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Syrian women killed on pretext of love


Al Akhbar newspaper reported today that Syria has, in the past few months, witnessed a rise in homicides against women on pretext of love. Al Akhbar wrote about a young man, 19, who stormed the house of a 15-year-old girl in Sweida Province and detonated a hand grenade killing himself and the girl. Citing informed sources, the newspaper said the young man has proposed to the victim but was refused by her family. On the subject, Al Akhbar spoke to the general coordinator of ‘Tulip’ organization, Shady Saab, who revealed a rise in crimes against women in general as a result of the war, the random proliferation of weapons among Syrians and the ease of access and acquisition. Saab also stressed that the prevalence of violence in society, especially against women and girls, has become a commonplace with a general debility of the role of the judiciary and a growing conviction among perpetrators of impunity. The harsh economic conditions coupled with psychological pressures, in addition to the hegemony of a macho society and patriarchal traditions supported by discriminatory laws against women, have contributed to making women the weak link, Saab concluded. (For more on the subject: ( (Al Akhbar, January 24, 2020)

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