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Syrian women @ war break stereotypes


Yezidi women survivors of ISIS in Syria and Iraq have sued the French cement company, Lafarge, which is accused of financing the terrorist organisation.  The lawyers acting on behalf of the plaintiffs noted that as civil parties in the court case, they are accusing Lafarge in June 2018 of participating in crimes against humanity and in financing a terrorist organisation indicating that this is a rare occurrence in the world of business.  Attorney for the Yezidi women, Amal Clooney, said in a statement that the victims will receive fair compensations.  In a related vein, Al Diyar highlighted in its issue of today the story of Nujeen Mustapha, the 19 year old Kurdish woman from Kobani in Northern Syria who was chosen amongst the BBC list of the 100 most influential women in the world.  According to the newspaper, Mustapha was chosen following the release of her compelling memoirs in which she tells her story of her journey on a wheelchair from Syria to Germany.  Moreover, Mustapha wrote her book with herself taught English thus becoming a role model of power and will as well as an inspiration for millions.  (Moustapha's story can be accessed in Arabic via  On another vein, 30 women officers graduated from military school in Syria, according to the school commander, General Victoria Youssef Ibrahim, the academy provides military training to women who desire to defend their country as men. (Al Diyar, Al Mustaqbal, Al Hayat - December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.2018)

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