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Tala Safieh, art director at NYTimes


Lebanese Tala Safieh, 26, was appointed art director of the NYTimes feature section devoted to arts, literature, cinema and theatre news, L’Orient Le Jour reported today. Safieh holds a graphic design degree from AUB, in 2013. She received the Award of Excellence in Architecture and Graphic Design from the same university for her graduation project. During her four year study, the newspaper wrote, Safieh acquired theoretical and applied knowledge. She left Beirut to Amsterdam to train at De Designopolitie under the supervision of Richard van der Laken, the founder of the international conference, What Design Can Do. Safieh then returned to Beirut and worked for three years at Studio Safar founded by young designer and former AUB professor, Hatem Imam, where she gained various skills, including time management for a greater productivity. In 2016, Safieh decided to earn a master's degree at the Big Apple, NYC, where she had the opportunity to work with designers and have access to archives and references in her field of work. (L’Orient Le Jour, February 5, 2019)

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