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A teen acquitted of killing her rapist in Egypt


Egypt’s Public Prosecutor, Hamadeh Sawi, decided to take no further action and keep the investigations in the case against the 55-year-old girl (referred to as Ayyat girl) who killed a man who tried to rape her last July in a desert area. Sawi clarified that investigations into the case have clearly proved that the adolescent killed her aggressor in self-defense, which is legitimate. In this respect, the girl’s lawyer, Dina Moqadem, pointed out that the public attorney’s ruling reflected the spirit of law and humanity, especially that he took into account the teen’s attitude and behavior at the time of the attack and the attempt to seduce her. Moqadem explained that the decision to take no further action meant acquittal of the girl and not suspending investigations as some are trying to suggest. She described the prosecutor’s ruling as historic and showing respect for humanity, safeguards honor and dignity, and concerns every female in Egypt. However, this should not be used as a pretext to kill anyone who approaches any girl, Moqadem concluded, clarifying that the ‘Ayyat girl’ was a special case due to her presence at the time of the incident in an open desert. (Al Diyar, November 15, 2019)

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