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Tight customs measures at Jordanian border


The head of the Beqaa Farmers Association, Ibrahim Tarshishi, criticized on June 6 practices at the Jordanian borders hampering the traffic of Lebanese exports. He said truckers and their vehicles reportedly spend 4 to 7 days at Jabir Crossing at the Jordan border due to unwanted delays. In the past, Tarshishi lamented, the journey of an agricultural truck crossing by land from Lebanon to Syria up to Jordan and the GCC countries, did not take more than 7 days, pointing to Lebanese exporters’ resentment of the current situation. The ordeal starts at the lengthy inspection of trucks at the Jordanian Customs which can take hours, that are repeated again at the instructions of the Jordanian Intelligence, Tarshishi said. Agricultural products are tossed in the yard and remain there for long hours awaiting inspection before they are loaded again into the trucks, in the absence of any help. Such unnecessary measures, Tarshishi stated, apparently contain a message to slow down land export activity. He appealed to the three presidents to negotiate with the Jordanian authorities in order to resolve the situation that has caused a slump in the Lebanese agricultural production and a considerable decline in the prices of domestically grown veggies and fruits. On the other hand, local media and social media earlier this month circulated news of granting permissions for the entry and marketing of Syrian-made dairies and cheeses in the Lebanese markets. In response, the agriculture minister issued a statement on June 3 categorically rejecting such news, and stressing his ministry’s keenness to protect Lebanese products and cattle breeders. (Al Diyar, June 4, 7, 2019)

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