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Tripoli First Foundation for women empowerment


Future MP Dima Jamali emphasized the need to provide youth with quality education and opportunities and build appropriate skills that stimulate their access to the labor market. Jamali, who was speaking during a conference she initiated under the title, ‘The role of the youth and women in the development of Tripoli’, called for the integration of women in the labor force, with focus on regions outside the capital. Only one out of five women participate in the labor market in Lebanon, compared to 73% of males, Jamali said, stressing her commitment to work for gender equality, equal pay, and to promote women’s education in preparation for their acquisition of leadership, management and decision making positions. In conclusion, Jamali announced the inception of ‘Tripoli First Foundation’ for the empowerment of women and young people in the social and economic fields in the capital of the North, with the support of prime minister Saad Hariri. Recommendations issued after the conference included: development of national policies and legislations that observe gender equality to the end of promoting economic empowerment of women in the labor market; backing large projects in the industrial sector; investment in the business sector in Tripoli and creation of jobs for the youth and women; empowerment of women artisans to become producers and finally, the right of women in the representation quota to strengthen their political participation. (Al Mustaqbal, November 2, 2018)

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