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Turkey turndown two Lebanese trade ships, locals in Tripoli protest the decision


Turkish authorities have prohibited the entry of two ships carrying scrap metal from Lebanon in response to Lebanon’s ban on the import of specific goods from Turkey. The Lebanese wholesalers, suppliers and exporters of scrap staged a sit in yesterday in front of the Tripoli Port entrance to protest Turkey’s veto on the importation of metal scrap from Lebanon. Rashid Kesrouan stressed, on behalf of the protestors, that the Turkish decision and the Lebanese government’s reluctance in finding a quick solution to the impasse will escalate the situation and exacerbate the rates of unemployment in the Northern capital, noting that this business is one of the most popular in the country and the North in particular. In turn, the Syndicate of Workers and Contract Workers of Tripoli Port announced in a statement by its head, Ahmad Saeed, that the suspension of scrap metal export from Tripoli to Turkey will be detrimental to the national economy, the trade balance and the Port’s workforce. (Al Mustaqbal, Al Diyar, November 24, 2018)


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