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Two Kenyan women subjected by a military to physical violence in Burj Hammoud


Two Kenyan women have been beaten by a man found to be a military in the Beirut neighborhood of Burj Hammoud, according to Al Akhbar newspaper today. The two women were upset when the suspect approached and almost touched them in his car, and the result was that he got out and started beating them with the help of a man and woman who were on the street during the assault. The newspaper learned that as the attacker was from the Army, he was not deterred by the internal security forces and was instead referred to the military police. The two Kenyan women were arrested on the charge that their presence in the country was allegedly illegal, and will later be transferred to the Public Security. Al Akhbar wrote, that what happened is not alien to Burj Hammoud whose mayor once recommended introducing special rent agreements or laws for non-Lebanese. Burj Hammoud municipality, the newspaper added, had previously enforced an evening curfew on foreigners, referring namely to ‘dark skin people’, which certainly does not apply to French nationals, as it said. Mayor Mardik Boghousian denied over a phone call with AL Akhbar his knowledge of the incident. (Al Akhbar, June 22, 2018)

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