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Two new economic zones in Batroon, Tyre


The joint parliamentary committees headed by Deputy House Speaker Elie Ferzli, ratified two draft bills involving the construction of special economic zone in the districts of Batroon and Tyre, and another related to Horj Beirut natural reserve. The session held on March 20 was attended by the foreign minister Jibran Bassil, the minister of energy and water resources Nada Bustani and the environment minister Fadi Jreisati. Two sub-committees were also formed to study proposals concerning natural reserves, particularly the Lizab-Diniyeh reserve and the amendment of the water decree No. 77. Bassil described the setting up of the two zones in Tyre and Batroon as a stimulant to the economic cycle and an instigator for investments in the country. Such zones attract concerned people to sectors that boast tax and service incentives as well as administrative facilities. This is an excellent move, he said, which can be a starting point for export bound to Syria, Iraq, the Arab world and globally. (An Nahar, March 21, 2019)

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