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Two new social master’s degrees at USJ


The Lebanese School for Social Training at St Joseph University (USJ) has introduced two new Social Work master’s degrees, namely, family and socio-educational counseling and social engineering. On the subject, L’Orient Le Jour spoke to Rima Mouawad, the School’s program officer, who made clear that the new courses aim at training specialists in developing a comprehensive vision of balanced development in people. Mouawad noted that the engineering of social development embraces also socio-cultural engineering and citizenship that has been launched earlier with the purpose to train specialists to become change actors in the process aimed at promoting social and societal wellbeing in the long term. As for the counselling discipline, Mouawad said it trains students to keep up with life projects at the level of social, professional and educations relations, besides training them on conflict resolution in the family and in marital and parental disputes as well as enhancing communication skills. Mouawad also pointed out that students in the above two majors will find jobs in public and private institutions, as well as in international and community NGOs, noting that the instructors are experts and university professors holding PhD in social work, with a long experience in the field. Each degree program is 2 years and requires 120 credits. (L’Orient Le Jour, Janaury 6, 2018)

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