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Two women in the midst of deprivation and neglect


In its issue of today, An Nahar newspaper drew attention to the disregard for the life of women and children in the country, pointing to the case of Mirna Mumneh who lost one of her children at the hospital’s entrance for lacking the money needed for his treatment, and Rita who barely can feed her own children. Speaking to An Nahar, Rita explained how she and her husband were fired from work a few months ago and have since been living in bitter torment. She recounted how she no longer could buy food for her children or pay the rent or the electricity bills. Despite her anguish, she filed a grievance to the labor ministry about her unpaid salaries and arbitrary dismissal, lamenting that she had to accept a USD400 part time job which is not enough to cover living expenses, children’s education and hospitalization. She voiced regret that after a long career life and experience, her age, 54 years, drives away any potential employer. Mirna, on the other hand, recalled how she lost one of her children for not having enough cash, which is another reason for her distress. Her two other children suffer health problems. Her eldest daughter (5 years) is a Hydrocephalus patient and is paralyzed which requires frequent hospitalization. She also needs a surgery for her legs and back to improve her condition. The mother complained that the operation requires USD 50,000, while she is jobless and her husband works in harsh conditions as a taxi driver. Her other son, suffers from pulmonary fibrosis and has to take expensive medications that are usually not covered by social security. (An Nahar, October 12, 2018)

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