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Tyre food and craft fair


Under the patronage of the Federation of Tyre Municipalities and the presence of MP Inaya Ezzedine, Women’s Club (Ibhar) organized on Friday “Bil Shatwiyeh” (in winter) exhibition at Basel Assad Cultural Center in the city. The 3-day event showcased home-made traditional mouneh and soaps, crochets works, organic honey and various artisan crafts. In the opening, Ezzedine called on the new cabinet to adopt strategies that will boost national production sectors, notably, agriculture and industry, as well as support small enterprises and community initiatives to this end. She stressed the need for the government to develop an economic vision that guides the ministerial statement and national policies. Ezzedine pointed out that handcrafts and rural products displayed in the exhibition constitute the basket for daily food and household needs, which means it can contribute to strengthening domestic production and creating jobs for local labor. In addition, it can reduce unemployment rates and help in building an internal economic cycle that props local currency and secures liquidity for middle and low income families. (Al Mustaqbal, February 1, 2020)

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