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University-industrial ICT cooperation on employment


The ministry industry and the office of the minister for administrative development approved last week the final design of the “Digital Platform for University-Industrial Cooperation” funded by the EU and implemented by the British Crown Agents development company. As part of the Project Technical Assistance Facility for the Government of Lebanon, the platform aims to set up a data bank at the ministry of industry, Crown Agents director, Peter Salloum explained. The bank will provide a mechanism for collaboration, coordination and exchange between industrialists and universities in order to update curricula and educational opportunities to suit the needs of the labor market in the industrial sector, Salloum said. What is most important, he added, is sustainability of this mechanism. Exchanging information has become a revolution which transformed concepts involving it but that it has not adapted properly. For his part, the director general of industry, Dany Gadoun, pointed out that the above platform will be of mutual benefit for universities and industrialists. He noted that his ministry seeks to become an incubator for data concerning the needs, products and development prospects of the industrial sector, as well as the universities, students and graduates and the disciplines that match the needs of industrial establishments for labor. (Al Diyar, February 21, 2020)

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