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VAW: Racist assault, death of Ethiopian migrant worker, child rape


In the latest violence incidents against women, the first investigative judge in the North, Samaranda Nassar, issued an accusatory verdict in the case of the father molesting and raping his minor and adult daughters under threats of violence. The ruling found that that the acts of the father and the mother were to be considered as criminal offenses according to relevant articles of the Penal Code. The judge referred the case to the grand jury in the North for trial of the defendants befor the Criminal Court at a later stage. Recalling, that the defendant rapes his four daughters in Tripoli and sold them for sex with the knowledge of their mother (c.f: On the other hand, Al Diyar newspaper today, citing Lebanon 24 website, reported a racist attack on a non-Lebanese girl, who took the bus in her return trip to Tripoli, and was assaulted by the driver. Also on April 8, NNA reported that an Ethiopian worker was killed after falling from her employer’s apartment in the 8th floor in Tripoli. Security forces rushed to the scene for investigation. (Al Diyar, Al Mustaqbal, April 9, 2019)

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