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Vinefest 2019 in Beirut, Apple Day in Mashghara


The minister of economy and trade, Mansour Bteish, and Beirut Governor, Ziad Shbib, inaugurated on October 2, the 12th edition of Vinefest (Oct 2 to Oct 5- Beirut Hippodrome) with the participation of China. During the opening ceremony, Nada Farah, the manager of the festival organizer, Eventions, said the presence of China this year shall facilitate the entry of Lebanese producers to the Chinese market. For her part, Eliana Ibrahim, the head of China Arab Association for Promoting Cultural and Commercial Exchange, maintained that the total annual production of wine in Lebanon can be consumed in one week in China, promising to help Lebanese wine to enter the Asian market. Bteish, in turn, said Lebanon produces roughly 9 million bottles of wine, half of which is exported, underlining the contribution of the sector not only to stimulating industry and export activity, but also to boosting agriculture through the investment of nearly 2200 hectares of vineyards. He revealed that the volume of activity in the wine sector over the past 10 years has reached 40 million euro. On the other hand, the minister of agriculture, Hassan Lakiss, during yesterday’s cabinet session at the presidential palace in Baabda, distributed apples to his fellow ministers and reporters as an initiative to support domestic products. The minister’s move is in preparation for the Lebanese Apple Day to take place on October 5 at Layali Jdoudna Restaurant in Mashghara, Beqaa. Lakiss also distributed brochures on the multiple benefits and uses of apples in various treatments, with the slogan of this year being, ‘the apples of your homeland are for you and for your children’. (Al Diyar, An Nahar, October 2 and 4, 2019)

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