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Wadad Halwani will never give up on the cause of war-abducted people


L’Orient Le Jour published in yesterday a brief feature on the life of Wadad Halwani whose husband, Adnan Halwani, leading member of the Communist Action Organization, who was kidnapped back in 1982. Halwani, the chairperson of the Families of the Disappeared and Abducted Committee, and the mother of two, said she never lost hope. One day after the kidnapping, she said, she started carrying out contacts and visits to political figures concerning the fate of her husband. She then met other women who shared the same tragedy. Wadad decided to organize and formed a core group of five people in order to pressure officials in this respect. Later, the group grew to include a larger number of concerned women who started organizing sit-ins and activities. I have a new responsibility today, Halwani told the newspaper, which is to look out for some 17 thousand officially reported abducted persons, adding that she will never give up until her mission is completed. (L’Orient Le Jour, 4 August 2015)

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