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Water project between Safadi & Agricultural Cooperative of Qubayat


As part of the USAID funded Lebanon Water Project (LWP) and in cooperation with the Agricultural Cooperative of Qobiyat, the Safadi Foundation inaugurated on Friday the new water distribution network in Barkat al Shanbuk, Qobiyat. The ceremony included a field trip and a meeting at Qobiyat municipality between the parties involved in the project. According to agriculture engineer, Emile Asmar, more than 60 farmers or what is equivalent to 1600 dunks of farmland who will get a water source after over 40 years of scarcity are expected to benefit from the project. For his part, Mtanious, the head of the agricultural coop pointed out that the project was born from the suffering of farmers in their endeavor to secure water, noting that the cooperative has devoted a land and prepared a technical feasibility study for the project that was launched three years back. Mtanious also praised Safadi Foundation general director Rana Mawlawi for her adoption of the water distribution undertaking. (Al Mustaqbal, July 7, 2018)

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