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Western countries urge Saudi authorities to release women human rights activists


Dozens of western countries yesterday voiced concern over the continued detention of Saudi women human rights defenders, recalling that Saudi authorities have arrested around 10 prominent activists in 2018 ( Germany, speaking on behalf of EU at the UN Human Rights Council, decried the prolonged imprisonment of women human rights defenders, Reuters reported. For his part, Denmark’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Morten Jespersen, read a joint statement representing 29 countries, namely Australia, UK and Canada, asking Saudi Arabia to release all political prisoners, and raised concerns at the detention of at least 5 women activists. Likewise, John Fisher of Human Right Watch denounced what he described as the brutal targeting of campaigners and dissidents in SA, calling for their release and the release of others arbitrarily detained. (Al Diyar, September 16, 2020)

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