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Widening gender gap in Gaza


The Palestinian human rights lawyer, Lana Badwan, said in an article published today in Al Hayat newspaper, that the results of an international investigative study on gender equality clearly show the widening gaps in rights and duties between men and women. The survey found a lack of equity between the genders despite the progressiveness of Palestinian legislations in relation to women compared to other countries, and the historic role and constant presence of the Palestinian woman at all the stages of the Palestinian struggle. The study to note, was prepared by the Women’s Studies Institute (WSI) at Birzeit University with funding from UN Women in Gaza Strip. Badwan emphasized that, as the Palestinian woman is a key component of the social development strategy and a partner in struggle, she should be on a par with her male peer, particularly in her social role and within the ministry of social development to support the resilience of vulnerable and underprivileged groups. Badwan also pointed out that the internal Palestinian arena, notably Gaza, requires reinstituting and investing in the role of women as active players on the political scene and in all areas, in a better and more effective way in order to reach the desired development of society. No active engagement of Palestinian women in public life, no development, Badwan concluded. The article in Arabic can be found on the following link: (Al Hayat, November 7, 2018)

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