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Woman adverting “Maid for sale” legally summoned


The Labor Ministry Inspection Bureau summoned yesterday a woman from North Lebanon to question her after a demeaning ‘maid for sale’ Facebook ad. The labor minister, Kamil Abu Sleiman, ordered an investigation into the matter which he described as a new form of slavery. During interrogation, the woman admitted that she posted the ad spontaneously without thinking, and that she deleted it shortly after putting it, stating she was not above the law. She also pledged not to repeat the action and post an apology on her Facebook page. The labor ministry team also listened separately to what the migrant domestic worker had to say, that she wasn’t being mistreated by the family but that she had tough time dealing with a sick child at her employer’s house. Upon investigation, the woman in question was notified that her actions constituted a “legal and humanitarian violation and should not be repeated to avoid being blacklisted and denied the right to employ any worker in the future.” Similarly, Abu Sleiman’s media office said in a statement that the minister will soon announce a package of measures to improve the conditions of MWDWs, noting that he started a series of meetings with involved NGOs to this effect. This, the statement added, is in preparation for amendments on the existing rules and regulations that contribute to the creation of controls which protect workers’ rights. (An Nahar, March 12, 2019)

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