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Women ambassadors in new appointments


The Cabinet approved last Thursday the diplomatic appointments of 74 Lebanese embassy and consulates, including the appointment of 14 women ambassadors, noting that the list mentioned in the media does not include the names of all the ambassadors. Five of these women, as aired in the local media, were originally in public service, and 9 are newcomers and they are: Sahar Baasiri, appointed as ambassador to the UNESCO; Amal Mudalalli: United Nations; Tracy Chamoun: Jordan; Mira Daher: Italy; Milia Jabour: China; Rula Noureddine: Switzerland; Hala Kayrouz: Spain; Maya Dagher: Armenia; Dona Barakat: Greece. The returning state servants are: Inaam Ouseiran, Caroline Ziadeh, Carla Jazzar, Farah Nabih Berri and Najla Riachi. On the news, An Nahar newspaper featured the career life of Baasiri, Mudalalli and Chamoun. Baasiri, An Nahar wrote, is a Lebanese journalist living in New York City, holder of B.A in political sciences from AUB, and M.A in Journalism from Columbia University, NYC. She worked in An Nahar’s international news section and as reporter for United Press International. For her part, Mudalalli, holds a PhD in international affairs and is a foreign policy analyst. She studied political science at the AUB and followed up political communication at College Park, University of Maryland, before she worked as An Nahar’s Washington correspondent, an advisor to late PM Rafik Hariri and head of Saad Hariri’s US Office. Tracy Chamoun, on the other hand, is a Lebanese-Australian writer and political activist, daughter of deceased National Liberal Party, Dany Chamoun. She founded the political party, ‘Free Democrats’ to become the first Lebanese woman to form and lead a political party. (An Nahar, July 21, 2017)

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