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Women of Gaza struggling to preserve hope


In its issue of today, Al Diyar newspaper spotlighted the women of Gaza, whom despite the siege imposed on the Strip for years now, have always try to sustain hope to carry on. Nada Radwan, 27, has worked in e-commerce for a while, the newspaper wrote. But when unemployment reached an alarming rate of 50%, she decided to channel her technology skills into one of her favorite hobbies, cooking. Speaking to Reuters, Nada, who publishes videos of her recipes on her social media account under ‘Nada’s Kitchen’, said it was difficult to find a job. “That’s why I thought of starting something I have passion for and at the same time make money.” This is an attempt to challenge the siege by getting work that requires talent, a cam and internet connection, Nada boasted. Al Diyar also spotlighted another woman from Gaza, Sahar Yaghi, 28, who left college to become a wedding planner and provide for her family. This kind of work, she said, required staying awake until late night. She also mentioned that she hears comments from her neighbors belittling her work which they called ‘indecent’, stressing that she loves what she is doing and hoping to become the top wedding planner in whole Gaza. (Al Diyar, March 12, 2019)

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