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Women group calls for the formation of a salvation government


Women Leaders Council of Lebanon (WLC) affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, yesterday called on Lebanese authorities and society to act responsibly amidst the dire economic and the escalating risks threatening what is left of institutions in the country. WLC pointed out that the current turmoil has had a negative impact on the activity of the private sector. It urged all parties to make concessions to rescue the country before it would be too late. The WLC president, Madiha Rislan, said the cutting line between chaos and stability is national responsibility that should be exercised by all involved factions. She advised them to be tolerant, humble and realistic and to make compromises to save their country, demanding the stepping up of the formation of a conflict-free salvation government that lives up to the aspirations of the Lebanese people. (Al Diyar, November 7, 2019)

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