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Women Heart Health Center: prevention, diagnosis and guidance to address the first cause of women’s mortality


The Nahar newspaper published a report about the Women Heart Health Center which is affiliated to the “Yadunah” organization for social and health care that was founded by First Lady Wafa Suleyman in collaboration with the AUB Medical Centre and the Faculty of Medicine of the Saint Joseph University.  The centre which was inaugurated in Baabda last June seeks to improve women’s cardiovascular health and lessen the burden of the disease through prevention, awareness raising and primary care notwithstanding women’s social conditions.
The newspaper report cites various studies which have proven that cardiovascular diseases account for a total of 56% mortality amongst women and 45% of total death.  The report also notes that 64% of women who died suddenly had not exhibited any prior sign of the disease.  Also according to the report, 1 in 3 women carries some form of cardiovascular disease whereas 26% of women over 45 who have had previous heart attacks are likely to die within one year compared to 19% amongst men.
Within the same vein, Nahar interviewed a member of center’s board of trustees, and the cardiovascular specialist, Professor Antoine Sarkis, who noted that cardiovascular diseases amongst women are 7 times more likely to cause death than breast cancer.  He also added that men are likely to have a heart attack at 45 years of age compared to 55 for women.  This difference of 10 years is likely to shrink with age.  Sarkis also described the main services offered by the centre, namely preventive tests for women over 45 years, health diets to control of blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels in addition to helping women quit smoking.  The centre also organises cultural and awareness raising activities in addition to early diagnosis and treatment including: Coronary Calcium Scores, Chest X-ray, Heart CT Scan, Carotid Artery Ultrasound Screening, Doppler echocardiography to examine the heart’s blood vessels, and Electrocardiography to interpret the electrical activity of the heart
Source: Al-Nahar 28 August 2013

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