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Women marginalized in agriculture, but leading in banking


The Banque Libano-Francaise (BLF) said in a statement last week that 49% of its managerial positions are held by women as it believes in their essential and active role in society and the great successes they can achieve at all levels. Among these are, the general director, Raya Raphael Nahas, assistant general manager and director of corporate banking, Hoda Assi, and assistant general manager and director of risk management, Josephine Chahine, besides many others in the top and middle management positions. To note, women workers represent more than half the BLF staff. In a similar note, the Lebanese Rasha Mohamad Majzoub, won the second place in the Sharjah Prize for PhD in Administrative Sciences in the Arab World, for her thesis: ‘Impression Management Using Discretionary Narrative Disclosure Strategies’. On the other hand, FAO released last Tuesday the agri-gender statistics highlighting the inequalities between men and women in the agricultural sector, which showed that 43% of the agricultural labor force in Lebanon are women, but are paid less by half than men. Also, 9% of farms in the country, including livestock, are managed by women, according to FAO. (Al Mustaqbal, L’Orient Le Jour, March 7, 9, 2018)

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