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Women in Moslem countries: early marriage, arrest, harassment and threats


In Jordan
On April 8, the Jordanian Parliament amended the age of marriage, sanctioning marriage at the age of 16 in "special cases" provided it meets a number of conditions, including the judge’s approval and if the marriage proved to be needed, and secured the two conditions of consent and choice. Noting, that the age of legal marriage in Jordan is 18 years, and the introduced amendment comes as an exception (
In Saudi Arabia
Saudi authorities have arrested seven people, including two US citizens, over connection with women's rights activists. According to Saudi human rights group, ALQST, 6 men and one woman, a writer, were arrested, despite the latter’s pregnancy. The detainees, who are writers and bloggers involved in public and reform affairs, were banned from travel since last February. ( Also, Saudi Imam, Abdullah Rafidi, one of the leading Islamic scholars, said prominent Saudi woman, Ghada Mariri, a nano science specialist in the US, has trespassed Islamic sharia, especially after appearing on magazines and TV without hijab. Mariri has justified her attitude stressing that each attire has its purpose. (
In Afghanistan
In its issue of April 5, Al-Akhbar newspaper drew attention to the harassment and rape assaults against female Afghan football players by the president of the Afghan Football Federation and a number of sports officials. The latter were reportedly arrested following complaints by female athletes of sexual and physical abuse at a training camp held in Jordan last year. The incident, Al Akhbar wrote, has uncovered a series of incidents of sexual exploitation against female football players who remained silent in fear of repression by their families (
In Brunei
On April 6, hundreds of people demonstrated in London in front of the Dorchester Hotel, a property of the Sultanate of Brunei, in protest against the country's practice of stoning to death for homosexuals and perpetrators of adultery. ( (Al Akhbar, Al Diyar, April 5, 6, 7 and 8, 2019)

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