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A women-only electoral list in Akkar


After the final count of female nominees in the Parliamentary elections closed at 111 women (, a list, still incomplete, was made up in Akkar, the North, exclusively of female candidates. In this respect, Roula Mohamad Murad, the president-founder of 10452 Party announced on Tuesday the formation of an incomplete list of five women under the name, ‘Women of Akkar’ to run for the elections in the North 1st constituency- Akkar. On the other hand, An Nahar newspaper reported that the final touches are being made on four electoral lists in the North Matn district, some of which include women. In a related development, and on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, Human Rights Watch urged candidates to commit to five key steps to improve women’s rights, and they are: abolishing inequality under personal status laws and grant citizenship to children of Lebanese mothers; end child marriage; ban all forms of domestic violence, including marital rape; end human trafficking and protect the rights of migrant women domestic workers. Human Rights also stressed that political parties ensure greater engagement of women in parliament by recruiting women on their lists. Similarly, in a message to women candidates, the British Home Secretary Amber Rudd wished them good luck as “they boast the strength, grit and determination to succeed,” as she said. Likaa al Joumhouriya association lauded the largest number of women register for the upcoming elections, urging all factions to contribute to help women reach the Legislative in keeping with the principles of merit and the competence to forge the desired change. (Al Diyar, An Nahar, Lebananon 24, Al Diyar, L’Orient Le Jour, March 7, 9, 2018)
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