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Women organizations in Mount Lebanon support tomorrow strike action by economic institutions


The gathering of women organizations in Mount Lebanon issued yesterday a statement in support of the economic institutions’ decision to close on Wednesday September 4th in order to lobby for the formation of a new Cabinet.  The statement followed a meeting which was held at the Public House of B3alshmeh and emphasized that women are keen on safeguarding the nation and its stability, its people and institutions as well as the Constitution.  Thus, women call for the formation of a Cabinet as soon as possible.  It is to be noted that the economic bodies are pursuing their consultations in preparation for the strike planned for tomorrow Wednesday September 4th as per the information shared by former Minister Adnan Kassar.  Kassar also reiterated the importance of abiding by the strike by all economic, banking, tourism and commercial institutions and in order to highlight the gravity of the situation in all sectors in Lebanon.
Source: Al-Diyar 3 September 2013

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