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Women in Zgharta produce homemade “Mouneh” and secure additional income || Newspapers (Arabic)


As Safir newspaper published a report on homemade food products made by women in Zgharta which is securing a considerable income to women producers who are using their traditional know how in the process.  These traditional activities are proving to be quite important for women who do not have paid job thus improving their financial conditions.  The report quoted a number of women producers such as: Rayya Hamed, who is now producing her homemade molasses for marketing and who has a considerable client base.  Another woman, Fadwa Al-Mekhtfi, has been able to secure the school tuition fees for one of her four children from sales of the traditional kishk product. Jamila Mekari notes that she has become an expert in producing tomato paste and in teaching her skill to other women so that they too can also improve their material conditions.  Martha Saroufim adds that she has been able to secure good quality schooling for all her children in addition to decent living from her homemade food catering service which is much appreciated by working women looking for healthy meals.  All of this has resulted in the development of the homemade food processing and catering industry in Zgharta.
Source: Al-Safir 31 December 2012

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