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Workshop to support women’s leadership skills


In partnership with GPG and Atlanta, Fiftyfifty Lebanon organized a workshop yesterday entitled, ‘Stronger with Women’, which is part of the women political participation program. The latter, to recall, aims to support independent women or women members of political parties to access decision making positions in order to develop policies that are nondiscriminatory toward Lebanese women. Experts attending the workshop sessions spoke on how to improve partisan policies and prop leadership skills of their women members. There were also interventions by representatives of the workshop organizers, who underlined the need to address the root causes of inadequate or non-existent equality and the political empowerment of women; consider practical ways to obtain the support of party leaders for gender-equality policies, as well as training on elections matters. The beneficiaries were also trained on how to acquire skills that help them achieve the required contribution and involvement in the partisan and political life. (Al Mustaqbal, January 14, 2020)

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