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Yet two more women disappear in the North


Following the circular on November 23 about Sarah Rida who disappeared in the Southern Suburbs of Beirut, the ISF General Directorate, under the mandate of competent judiciary, circulated the picture of Jihan Butros Sassine (37) who went missing after she left her house accompanied by her five children. Jihan left her house in the neighborhood of Bassatin al Asi- Tannourin area on November 19 and disappeared. Her children are three girls (born in 2016, 2011 and 2008) and two boys (born in 2012 and 2009). The Directorate also circulated the picture of missing Syrian woman, Ola Nuri Khleif (17 years) who disappeared after she left her brother’s house in Minyeh. (Al Mustaqbal, December 5, 2018)

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