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Young Lebanese woman initiative in Ashrafieh to help the poor


On March 17, Al Mustaqbal electronic portal drew attention to a new initiative launched by young Lebanese woman, Rita Bulos, who having experienced deprivation, decided to collect food and deliver it to people in need. The initiative which started from a Facebook campaign, has expanded with the huge aid it received from people. Bulos has managed to rent a small apartment and transform it into a cozy kitchen that hosts and feeds the hungry. The project, located in Mar Metr neighborhood of Ashrafieh, welcomes any guest who knocks its door to become part of the family. Through this action, Bulos maintained, I spread the culture of compassion, as “it is unacceptable to leave anyone out there hungry. Bulos, who works in handcrafting rosaries, said that three female relatives have volunteered to cook daily meals, in addition to women who also offered to help. The surplus of the cooked food is frozen to be delivered to whoever cannot come in person. Armed with perseverance and consistence, Bulos said, currently, 170 families across Lebanon receive food aid, besides bread and medications for selective cases. All contributions are made by charitable people, Boulos confirmed, denying backing or funding from any political party. (Al Mustaqbal, March 17, 2019)

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