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Youth employment: 2018 fair for job orientation, WB reports on work & education


With the support of Drosos Foundation, the European Institute for Cooperation and Development (IECD) and Semeurs d’Avenir association organized yesterday the 7th edition of the Orientation and Employment Fair, 2018 at Forum de Beyrouth. On the occasion, the head of the association, Julien Feghali, said the labor market badly needs technical Lebanese youth talents, asking how a company or institution can survive without its maintenance and technological crew who connect technology with the consumer. Meanwhile, during a seminar held at AUB last Friday and entitled, ‘Preparing for the future: dialogue on youth, education and technology’, the World Bank launched two respective reports, ‘The changing nature of work’ and ‘A new framework for education in the Middle East and North Africa’. On the occasion, the vice president for the World Bank Group for Middle East and North Africa, Farid Belhaj, emphasized that above reports are closely related and key to the development in the region and Lebanon, which already made a few constructive steps. But what is needed today, Belhaj explained, is for Lebanon to have a vision for the future, especially in light of the anticipated large numbers of graduates in the labor market. By 2030, Belhaj said, 350 million jobs will be needed, which means that there are some 350 million young people out there who want to enter the labor market. Education is essential for preparing the youth to draw a better future, with a focus on technology, Belhaj concluded.(Al Mustaqbal, December 1, 5, 2018)

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