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First Club in Lebanon for women entrepreneurs

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A newly formed women group which is member of the Club for Women Entrepreneurs in Lebanon celebrated its affiliation with the “Women Entrepreneurs Club International”. The event took place at the Beirut residence of the President of Arab Women Entrepreneurs, Sheikha Hossa Saadallah Al Abdallah Al Sabah, who id the ambassador of the Women Entrepreneurs Club International in the Middle East. Vice Chairperson of the Club’s Main Office in New York, Doctor Amani Asfour, came all the way from the United States to participate in the occasion and in order to grant the chairperson of the Lebanese club, Carmen Zgheib, the certificate of membership. The International Club, which was established in Geneva, Switzerland by Lena Madisson Phillips, has affiliates from over 100 countries around the world. Its main objective is to build a network of women pioneers in the world of business and boost their economic presence. It also seeks to economically empower women through training, planning and educational programs, in coordination with the various economic, vocational and legal groupins in each country.  Furthermore, the Club is involved in the rehabilitation of and in providing support to micro projects for women who wish to increase their low family income and train them to manage effectively their projects. (Al Diyar, Feb 10, 2015)

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