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Mona Durr from Majdl Zoon is marketing Lebanese Mooneh products around the world

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In an attempt to highlight the economic role of rural women in Lebanon, L’Orient Le Jours newspaper published last Thursday an interview with a Lebanese breadwinner woman from the southern town of Majdl Zoon, Mona Al Durr, who is making her livelihoods and those of her family from the sale of bread, pastry and the traditional "Mooneh" products. Mona, a 50 years old woman from Tyre, met the founder of Suk Al Tayeb farming market, Kamal Mizwik, and Nada Al Debs who helped her to access domestic and global markets. Mona showcases her products every Saturday in Suk Al Tayeb in downtown Beirut and on Tuesdays in Suk Al Ard in the district of Hamra, Ras Beirut, where she sells various types of "Manqoosheh": pastry. She is a member of the European Slow Food Organization which has opened to her new outlets in the Netherlands and Italy. Furthermore, Al Durr has visited Japan where she introduced the famous Lebanese “kishek” to that East Asian culture. Through hard work, she has successfully brought up her family and helped her three children to secure homes. (L’Orient Le Jours, 12 March 2015)

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