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Omm el Abed confronts life's challenges with a vending cart

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Amneh al Duhini, (Omm el Abed) who occupies a sidewalk in Raouche with her vending cart on which she sells corn cobs and fava beans and which have become quite prized by her customers
Omm el Abed's day begins by preparing her work tools including cleaning and cooking the products.  Omm el Abed husband's then moves the vending machine to Raouche using his van at 4 pm accompanied by his wife and four daughters.  Omm el Abed and her family work every day of the week and when she returns very late to her house in Ain el Remmaneh where she moves to caring for her family.
Omm el Abed is determined in confronting life's economic and social hardship working daily on her vending cart from 4 to 12 midnight and earning a few thousand dollars a day which she uses to support her husband and family.
Although operating a vending cart is more of a male trade, Omm al Abed insist on providing a decent living to her family, stating that the public is now well familiar with her and to her husband and supportive of her work.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal 14 August 2013

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