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Omm Rabih: A secondary school teacher leaves her biology classes to sell Kaak

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A biology teacher of public education left her job and started selling Kaak.  Omm Rabih from South Lebanon chose the Afeef el Tibi popular street as her place of business and kicked off her new career as a street vendor selling Kaak and other savory pastries.  Formely, Omm Rabih was teaching biology on a contractual basis in two public schools and was paid LBP 12,000 per hour taught for middle classes and LBP 22,000 per hour taught for secondary classes.  In addition to her low pay, Omm Rabih was paid once or twice a year at best.  Omm Rabih’s aim was to enable her children to complete their education.  She is the head of her household and needs to pay her monthly rent of USD 400 per month for a small dwelling located in the Southern suburbs of Beirut in addition to USD 200 a month for utilities.
Omm Rabih addresses the government in an article published in Al-Mustaqbal newspaper, saying that she has given up on teaching as she has had enough of being humiliated.  She simply wants to secure her livelihood but is aggravated by the situation of children who now roam the streets.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal 23 March 2013

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